Co-Therapy In Depth


At Kente Circle we practice therapy in a unique way.  Almost all of our clients have the benefit of having two therapists.  Each client is paired with an Associate therapist and an Intern therapist who make up the co-therapy team.  Co-therapy is at the heart and core of how Kente Circle Associate and Intern therapists work to accomplish our mission. This therapeutic model has been researched, studied and documented as an effective method to conduct therapy with individuals, groups, couples and families.

We also believe that co-therapy can be a very rewarding way of practicing therapy and being in a relationship with clients.  There are numerous benefits to conducting therapy in this manner. Some are listed below:

Promotes not practicing therapy in isolation

Allows therapists to share the workload (clinical documents and continuum of care)

Allows for multiple perspectives

Two therapist are more likely to reduce crisis that can occur during session

Increased diversity in the room (i.e., gender, life experience, ethnicity, communication style, etc.)

The co-therapy relationship is a live example of relationships (it's an opportunity for clients to witness and experience success, allows for modeling of healthy relationships).

With co-therapy the team can be strategic about how they work together. Example: one therapist can lead and the other can bear witness to what is or is not happening in the room and share those observations with the clients and other therapist.

The potential for therapist burn-out/compassion fatigue is dramatically reduced.

In situations where both therapists are not able to be present, one of the therapists can meet with the client to ensure the client’s needs are met in a timely manner.

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